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These guys are stupid annoying late game, they’re just like rats.



If you have ever set foot on the Island, you should know that these guys have zero chill. They will attack everything and anything in sight, no matter the size(you’ll often see one raptor challenge a rex). So STAY AWAY if you are a low level and don’t want to get cooked.


These guys are relatively easy to tame, only needing a bola and some tranq arrows, or possibly a club if it’s a low enough level. Torpor is alright, I didn’t find myself shoving narcotics down its throat when I tamed it. Put some meat in their inventory(or some prime meat, but I wouldn’t waste any on a raptor) and viola! You got yourself a raptor!


These guys are FAST. Like, very fast. But, with yin comes yang, their weight is horrible. I find myself constantly upgrading weight to get this fat dino to move at a speed more than 0.1 mph. They are strong, with fast attacks, AND they have a very OP attack that pins down smaller creatures and dismounts riders! When they are pinned, constant attacks will cause you to rip their insides out while they are on the floor! So fun :). To do this attack on mobile, swipe down on the left hand side of the screen. These guys are VERY good early game tames, with their saddle unlocking at only LEVEL 18 :o

Anyway, hope this tutorial helps!

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