Here's an easy way to tame a raptor

1 bring bolas. You will need atleast 5 or to be more safe 10. Then just bola it before that go on the back of a pteranadon or moth and look for the one you want to tame then kill the other ones bola the high level one.

2 narcotics and tranq arrows. Raptors don't need much narcs or tranqs to tame but bring extra if there's another one you want to tame.

3 FOOD. I would bring simple kibble or just raw meat they'll both work just fine. Put the FOOD in its inventory and the last step-

4 wait. You won't have to wait a long time but bring narcs and a early yet strong tame like a moschops, trike, and if it's high level a Para protect it and when it wakes up BAM you have a raptor! Up if this guide helps down if it did not! :)

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