The amazing tale of red the raptor (a true story).

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The amazing tale of red the raptor (a true story).So once I tamed a red raptor which was a male I thought for my first raptor I should use a simple name so I named him red and by the way this was near a swamp a few miles away from my base so after I tamed him I walked along the shores of the swamp it was night so I could not see but red was there and suddenly titanoboas and a Kapro jumped out of nowhere and I whistled for red to follow but the creatures caught up with us I managed to kill the kapro but there was 7 titanoboas

left I thought red would die so I closed my eyes and thinking that when I opened them I would see a dead raptor but when opened them I saw 7 dead titanoboas and I saw red who only lost a sliver of his health and the next morning (in ark…not in real time)we were both at my base later that ark day I crafted a saddle for him and 4/5 weeks later he is still at my base and alive and well I accasionally ride him around the beach that my base is on and slaughter dodos for fun and he is the reason my other dinos are safe from dilos so yeah….and you know what I think the director of the upcoming series ark the animated series should make a animated short film about red and the battle with the swamp dinodude8 author of the adventure of ark (rex section) and a spinos life (spino section obviously)

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