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Raptor: Hippity, hoppity, your soul is now my property.

Me: huh? What’s that mean?

ARK: You have been killed by a raptor

Months later…

Me: I’m going to avoid that deceitful raptor

*you walk and see a similar raptor*

Raptor: I see you, snack

Me: I’ll kill you

Raptor: I seem to remember you are deliciously worth it

ARK: you were killed by a raptor

Years later…

Me: I can kill that raptor. I’ve got a bola.

*finds raptor*

*raptor runs at me*

*i throw bola, my only one*

*it misses*

Raptor: (laughes) You thought it's that easy?!

ARK: you were killed by a raptor

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