So once, i made this hunting pack out of my 7 Raptors, 2…

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So once, i made this hunting pack out of my 7 Raptors, 2 Barys and 1 Carno, only one of the barys was at a slightly higher level ( 216 ), the rest of my army was somewhere between 17-50, but that didn’t matter, we were slaughtering everything in our sight, theris, trikes, pachys, you name it. And then, i had to accidentally hit a lvl 240 bronto, my team didn’t stand a chance, i striked the bronto helplessly with my 216 bary as i watched my team get slaughtered, after they all died, i could have given the fight up there and now, but rage overtook me and i started to hit the bronto with all i could, surprisingly, my bary actually took down the superior bronto. The rage was replaced by a deep sadness as i looked at my tames’ bodies scattered across the bloody battlefield.

R.I.P. Argon, Flame, Sunset, Sunfall, Big Chungus, 2 other unnamed raptors, and an unnamed Bary and Carno, you will be missed dearly

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