On my mobile world, I had a raptor named blue I was too…

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On my mobile world, I had a raptor named blue I was too early in game to tame a dire wolf so blue helped me grind hide. I was very attached to her. How she died: I was grinding hide with her in the grass lands across from my base the only dangerous things that could spawn were Theris, carnos and other raptors so I finished grinding I’m heading back to base she’s encumbered so I’m throwing stuff off suddenly I’m attacked by a theri by a ledge not very high up I dismount and try pushing her off so she lives it’s to late tho the theri killed her devestates after I died out of anger I grabbed my cross bow and murdered the theri I then made a grave for her and tamed another raptor his name is razor. RIP Blue you will be remembered. I was inspired to write this after I read the story about the legendary bubbles the spinosaur RIP Bubbles

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