The white hills

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The white hills

basically a hotspot for raptors and deinonychus

Anyway on to the story. My base was Finnished and i had some bolas and a club so i thought i could tame a raptor. So i see a red mass that looked very raptorlike. It was in the water so i went in to get agro. I then found out it was this amazing looking tek raptor it wasn't a high level but i still tamed it. I named her hot tamale and i swear i almost lost her to allos. I got back home and i just see my dinos going crazy. then i see not 1 but 2 TEK raptors. I kid you not hot tamale was on 1 hp. So its night now and i go outside and i just see in the distance flashing lights. And i know flashing lights mean tek dinos. And (it was another tek raptor) and it was a male so i could breed her. So i tame him and i name him hot fry. He was a higher level than tamele so i took him out more than her. So i took him and he could kill a deinonychus in one hit so i thought he was perfect to tame a deinonychus and he was. I know have a deinonychus

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