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Overall good beginner tame. To tame just jump on a tall rock that the raptor can’t jump on. Grab a bow/crossbow and shoot it with tranq arrows in the head. When it’s knocked out put some narcs in it, you can use narcs or Narcoberries. Keep feeding narcs so it won’t wake up. When it’s hunger gets to about half or so feed it raw meat, if you want it to tame faster then feed raw prime meat. Make sure the meat is raw, if it is cooked it won’t tame as fast. Then when the bar hits 100% and the raptor stands up, it is your Dino. Boom now you have a raptor. When you reach lvl 18 you get the saddle to ride it (atleast on mobile) and it isn’t that expensive to make. I suggest health and attack but if you don’t have a base yet and you are just wandering around then I suggest doing weight as well. If you tame them and get mutations and get a pack of 20 mutated, then you can demolish many different things that caused you trouble before except a giga of course. But yea this is for all the noobs who wanted to tame a raptor. Hope it helps!

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