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[MOBILE] I consider raptors a must have tame at early game. A decent level raptor will help you start clearing caves and a pack of them will allow you to delete bigger stronger predators. And, for as long as they don't pounce, taming them is a breeze.

You gonna need: 1 bola, 40 raw meat (a lvl 150 raptor needs just 26 to be tamed, that's being generous) 10 tranq arrows if using crossbow and 20 if using bow.

Get close enough for them to agro on you, start spinning your bola, throw it when they're close enough to be guaranteed hit. Shoot tranqs at them, AIM FOR THE HEAD, you'll save arrows and time.

After knocking them out, check they hunger stat, you wanna wait until it's less than half. Go do something useful and come back later. When it finally is below half, give them the raw and the taming meter will be full in seconds. Now just it home and love it.

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