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So I was looking to tame a raptor I finally found one I tried to bola it I missed it hit the para it was chasing this was a lvl 2... it’s pounced on me and killed me it also killed my parasaur with a saddle her name was red I couldn’t find where her stuff was so I lost a saddle and my ride that I mainly used, I have tamed one of these tho it almost killed me I was about half health it wouldn’t go into the trap but thank god it started attacking a ramp I shit at it with my tranq arrows and it knocked out and I had to go back to base to get meat and I tamed it I had about 210 health at that time it pounced on me too so I almost died like I said I named her swamp cause her colours are dark swampy green and a light-ish swampy green and then a very light blue I thought the name Swamp suited her so yeah it kinda sucked and I don’t have a saddle yet

-An idiot who sucks at ark

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