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This is how to beat a alpha raptor…

1. Find a alpha raptor

2. Get it’s attention on you and aggro it

3. Go to an area with a lot of herbivores and hide underneath a diplo and bronto if you can’t find a large pack of trikes or stegos

4.go to a high rock and see the raptor getting beated

5. If the raptor kills the Dino’s get out a shotgun and some of the ammo or get a crossbow with tranq arrows and shoot the alpha raptor

6. Make sure that you skin the alpha to get a lot of prime meat

7. Use that prime meat to tame more raptors

8. Get a raptor squad and go on a hunt for alpha raptors once in a while

9. Breed your squad to get lots of baby raptors

10. Get the left over prime meat or meat and make sure to feed the baby raptors

11. Enjoy!

Can you maybe like this comment? I wrote for a while correcting my GRAMMeR for yall

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