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If you are new,

Don’t think escaping me

Is easy to do.

You can’t outrun me,

And you’ll likely die trying to kill me.

I limit your territory, and if you

Manage to tame me, consider yourself lucky.

I am the superior one here,

So keep a sharp eye out, or you won’t know when I’m near.

In your eyes I can clearly see the fear, when I come near.

Thinking you can escape me, thinking you can defeat me,

Well I’m sorry, but I’m just better.

I’m a go-getter.

You wanna be the hunter, but when I’m around, your nothing but the prey.

I only fall to people higher up, but to me your just a lifeless lump.

I see that bola, out n’ swinging, can’t tell if your tryna tame me, or simply

Leave me hanging.

But I got faster reflexes and I will pounce, so don’t expect not to get overtaken.

Deep inside, I can see that without me, your breaking.

But we ain’t exactly friends,

More like battlefield fiends.

Unless you can tame me, maybe then I’d reconsider.

But you and me are to remain bitter.

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