Tip to kill/farm alpha raptors: do the terror bird hunt and you will usually get Mastercraft or journeyman sword, if you get a weak sword then move on to step 2

Step 2: tame a direbear or therizino, they do a shit ton of damage and have decent knockback, you can also tame trikes but they dont have as much health and dont do as much damage as direbear or therizino, if you perfer on using trikes, be sure to level up melee and health, thats all you need, i do also recommend on leveling stamina because your gonna be fighting for a long time but thats up to you

Step 3: locate the alpha raptor and kill it, if there’s 2 alpha raptors then you need to lead the second one to a parasaur or phiomia, make sure there are no annoying microraptors that will knock you off and get you killed, if your near a river, run to the deepwater, this will trick the alpha raptor that your not there since alpha raptors dont aggro on you or your dinos underwater, thats all, hopefully this helps

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