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True sad story... my dad and I had been playing for about a week non-stop when we finally tamed 2 Raptors. I named mine Caryn and he named his Clevergorl. We had them for about 15 days (game time) and I started to get attached to them both. The were my new babies. We were all minding our business when this beast (the therizinosaur) came upon us and stuck us all. He killed both of our Raptors and our tek parasaur... I had been struck with grief. They were gone. We respawned and found a body of a raptor. It was Caryn. She had the saddest look on her deceased face. I wanted to kill the therizinosaur so badly but my dad wanted to tame it. We argued the rest of the night. Now we are on our way to tame a therizinosaur.

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