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Lil Gig-a and Bronto Rex Compy (Lil Nas x and Billy Ray Cyrus) Redwoods road “I’m gonna take my quetzal to the redwoods road I’m gonna, raid till I cant no more”2x I got the gigas in the back, ascendant saddle attached saddle is narcoberrie black got the Dino black to match yeah, raiding on my quetz yeah, you can whip your archa, I’ve been in the mountains you ain’t been of of that beach yeah, “Can’t no alphas tell me nothing! Ha no alphas tell me nothing,4x” taming a 450 raptor, prime in his bladder from an alpha raptor harvested by a therizino yeah, My life as a raider, wipin tek bases uh wreckin their faces and kick in their booties, “Can’t no alphas tell me nothing, no alphas tell me nothing,2x Yeah I’m gonna take my quetz to the redwoods road I’m gonna raid till I cant no more “ 2x Tek on element in my inventory, wiping bases on my dodorexy Yesterday I saw some beach noobs building a stone base when I’m done they’re gonna get erased I did it on my 450 Oh crap I’m out of letters

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