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Note: This pterosaur is related to the Quetzalcoatlus in many ways.

This is not a real pterosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved.




Species: Hatzegopteryx Ottosoleryx

Time: Late Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggresive

What you would expect as a giant pterosaur is a gigantic, skittish, flying reptile, but a pterosaur that rivals the Quetzalcoatlus and hunts for prey on the land is pretty scary. Large carnivores like the Tyrannosaurus can easily scare it away, causing it to soar in the air most of the time, but the Hatzegopteryx always has a backup by eating mostly scavenging. Hatzegopteryx hunts small prey like compsognathus, and dodos, while also being a scavenger at the same time. This has enabled it to pick up small creatures in it’s beak.


If taming a flying monster was such a good idea, it would be fairly slow but has better health, damage, and stamina than the Quetzalcoatlus. It was too obvious to be a warbird, since has rarely been seen, but makes up for it’s stats and abilities. Also having a “platform saddle” like the Quetzalcoatlus, makes it very important for transporting cargo.

Disclaimer: Pretty impossible to tame in single player.

How to tame:

List of Food (Top to bottom.) Base Stats (lvl 20)

Superior Kibble Health: 2955

Raw Mutton Damage: 78

Raw Prime Meat Stamina: 1230

Cooked Lamb Chop Movement Speed: 100%

Raw Prime Fish Meat Weight: 670 kg

Cooked Prime Meat Torpidity: 3428

Raw Meat *Loses torpidity fast.

Cooked Prime Fish Meat

Raw Fish Meat

Cooked Meat

Cooked Fish Meat (Takes 1 and a half hours to tame a lvl 1. Recommend you don’t use that.)

Taming: The Hatzegopteryx is not a coward and is found mostly in the Green Obelisk. You can aggro one by coming very close (in the ground,) or attacking it. If you are taming it in solo player, use strategies similar to the one you use to tame the Quetzalcoatlus. If you are taming it in multiplayer, you need a Tapejara, and a teammate to knock out the Hatzegopteryx. Go in the pilot’s seat, and have your tribemate to go on the passenger’s seat. Then, start following the Hatzegopteryx and have your teammate to knock it out. But don’t go too close! It will attack your Tapejara or worse, grab you off! Once it is starting to fly away, keep shooting it with your knockout ammo of choice. When it’s knocked out, feed it your food of choice and narcotics, and protect it with a spiked wall. After it’s tamed, name your Hatzegopteryx and congratulate yourself. The saddle is unlocked at level 88 and the platform saddle is unlocked at level 119.

Info: You can’t tame one in mobile single player. Killing Strategy: If you have a Tapejara and another tribemate to kill it. Let your tribemate shooting it with a Longneck Rifle, while you drive around the Hatzegopteryx. Killing a lvl 1 will give you 250 XP. The Hatzegopteryx has many roles, including a destroyer. The Hatzegopteryx can pick up as many creatures as the Quetzalcoatlus can, but has a better weight stat.

Up if you think this is a good pterosaur idea. Happy voting!

The Hatzegopteryx is a real pterosaur in real life. I like it more than the Quetzalcoatlus, because the Quetzal is too overated.

-Song Guy

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