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To tame the sky, is to tame a creature that lives in it, and is at the peak of it’s skillset when spending time in the very same skies. For everyone, there is always a contender between each of the three avions on the Island, and some are so indecisive that they would rather tame all three than choose one and then leave behind the other 2 once the deed is done.

But perhaps none rival Quetzalcoatlus conchapicem, the largest of the three, but yet a member of the existing avions native to the island that underestimates its own strength when wild, so much so to the point that it would much rather flee than fight, assuming itself to be much more frail than it actually is, and as a result is friendly to passerby survivors out for a quick fly, yet very timid at the same time.

Its timid, “no risks allowed” personality and strategy has lead it to resort to a life of casual fishing, scavenging from corpses left behind by a predator that found another, more tasty-looking meal just after killing the first one, and because it does not particularly attempt to kill innocent passive creatures, may even resort to hunting insects if desparate.

It also highly overreacts when confronted by survivors, flaring up in defense in an attempt to make itself look bigger than it actually is, despite appearing to be well aware that this is a fruitless effort.

Generally, one knows how tough their Quetzal is by how many (tranq) arrows they have to chuck at it before its body finally gives up and becomes overwhelmed by the sheer amount of torpor. Some Quetzals are packed with such a high capacity for torpor that it puts even what is typical of most Brontos to shame.


There are as many risks as there are rewards in the scenario of taming Quetzalcoatlus conchapicem; it could fall into water if the timing between shots is slightly off.

And while torpor scales with damage dealt, making high quality bows ideal for taking on such a behemoth of an avion, the Quetzal’s own personal physical capacity has to be taken into consideration before one can just fire away, not to mention that just something as simple as one Raptor just might be the one bad apple that spoils the whole barrel.

However, when done properly, taming Quetzalcoatlus conchapicem yields a reward that the term “golden” alone cannot describe, especially if the individual Quetzal in question proves to be particularly durable.

Fishing, especially for the more dangerous Cnidaria omnimorph, is made much easier, provided one stays close to the water without touching, and the more harmless species are also easy to swipe at thanks to a fairly large beak.

On top of that, Quetzals have enough strength on their pelt-covered backs to where it is feasible to use them for mining trips in mountains that are rounded off by a plateau (provided your island has any), which is a funny thing considering Quetzals typically mate and breed in mountains. All in all, Quetzalcoatlus conchapicem when tamed, is a loyal flying giant that just might be the start of YOUR industrial revolution, due to its capabilities to make gathering and mining easier.

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