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Whenever you need biotoxin to keep a creature with a particularly speedy torpor drain unconscious, these guys can make farming cnidaria much easier, as due to their long neck, they can reach their beak into the water without having to get too close to it, or running the risk of getting attacked and electrocuted/stunned by a successful attack, all while remaining in the air.

Of course Spinos are another way to do this, but taming a Spino is it’s own whole ‘nother ball game, which can even be more dangerous than taming a Quetzal under the right circumstances.

And thats not even mentioning you need to hoard a lot of fish meat which can be dangerous (megalodon are the best and most common fish meat source but also the toughest in terms of the common ones), and a whole bunch of other stuff, meanwhile Quetzals are a much more simple taming process once you have the right mount, equipment (ascendant bow rivals longneck with tranq darts as torpor scales with damage) and are good at it.

So if you need to hord biotoxin for some reason, tame a Quetzal if it is within your capability to do so (which it should be if you are a particularly high level player)

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