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(If you were one of the people involved in this mess-up, hi! It’s Leaf :D)

“I found a quetzal, it’s a pretty high level, too.” I said at the dinner table at my friend’s base, after we tried out our new ascendant pump shotguns and got drunk.

“Do you have an idea on how to tame it? I have no idea.” Bat, the owner of the base, asked.

“Oh, only a slight one.” I said mischievously, walking out of the reinforced door and looking at my Tapejara with a wide grin. “I’ll pilot it and you two can shoot?”

“Yes!” Bat hopped on and my Tapejara huffed.

“I’ll go on mine and bring my friend,” his tribemate said, getting on his own and taking off.

“Quetzal, here we come!” I exclaimed, flying to the redwoods’ river.

“Alright, the carrot lookin’ one?”

“Yup, level 190.” I said, motioning for Bat to shoot.

After a lot of shocking tranqs, it was down.

And then it fell into the river and drowned.

Don’t make this mistake.. -.-

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