The trails of Rockwell and George

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The trails of Rockwell and George

Chapter 10- part two

The woolies started shooting away at lady with crossbows! Suddenly when all hope seemed lost, people started emerging from the slave quarters. Slaves with axes and a fighting spirit! We had backup! The slaves attacked the woolies and gave us cover to destroy this despicable tribe! With the combined power of the turrets, the cod bombs, and all the help we were able to overthrow the woollies! Suddenly a wyvern emerged from the tribe hall! On top of it: the king of the woolies! He yelled โ€œ if you kill us we kill you right back!โ€ His wyvern flew for lady! Annie and rock shot away at the wyvern but it was no use! It was too strong! I tried to fly away but The wyvern was too fast! Lava was oozing from his mouth and there was only one thing left to do! I threw a cod bomb directly into the wyvernโ€™ mouth and it blew up! The woolly king flew very far away and likely died! โ€œ we did It!โ€ Yelled Annie. โ€œ yeahโ€ฆ. we did!โ€ I said.

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