Revenge of the overseer Chapter twenty six By…

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter twenty six

By skronkmonster

Told by brad.

“Your pawādo is weak” Bro said. Bam!! He hit me. “ fight back.” He said. I was sitting in a cold room with bro. “ my friends will come help me.” I said. Boom!! I heard an explosion outside. “ told you.” I said “ those blasted kids.” Bro muttered as he walked out. Once he left I was quick to respond. I scrambled up and punched through the wall as fast as I could. When I was done my knuckles were bleeding. “ he’s right… but I won’t let that stop me!” I yelled to myself as I punched though wall after wall just hoping for an escape! I followed the sounds of explosions as I punched through walls. Suddenly i spotted a window. Both my hands were broken but I tried my best to open it up! I hit it with my elbow until it cracked open and I crawled outside. I must be dying. I can see the flying whales of heaven. Suddenly Helena runs up to me and says

“ brad!! It’s time to go!!”

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