The trails of Rockwell and George

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The trails of Rockwell and George

Chapter ten- part one

We were all clear on the plan everyone knew what to do. I was dressed in velvet robes and rock, George, and Annie were dressed as slaves. Evil is the best disguise. The wollies granted me acaess to their flight zones thinking I was a slave salesman. We were all flying on lady approaching the woolly wall. Phase one is a go! When we flew over the woolly wall rock and Annie jump onto it. The wall had two gun turrets on it. It was thier job to hijack these turrets and provide cover fire while George and I drop cod bombs on the wollies tribe from lady. Annie shot the turret pilot with her six shooter and got on. Rock threw the other pilot with his bare hands! โ€œShow off.โ€ Said Annie rock chuckled to himself and boarded his turret. The plan was working perfectly! The tribe was being destroyed! Suddenly loads of fully armed wollies emerged from one of the larger buildings they had shields too!

This was not part of the plan!

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