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The trails of Rockwell and George

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The trails of Rockwell and George

Chapter nine


We could do nothing. All we could do is to just venture around the sacked tribe looking for survivors. Suddenly we heard some quiet sobbing. We went closer to find Chief rock crying next to his bronyx Nessie. She had a pike in her throat and she showed no sign of being alive. β€œ They killed Nessie! β€œ he bawled. β€œ they killed anyone who got in their way!” As we crept into his line of sight he gave a wide eyed look as he wiped his tears and stood up straight. β€œ I wasn’t crying! My eyes sweat a lot after raids!” He protested. β€œ it’s ok rock. Were here to help!” I said β€œwhat’s up with him?” Whispered Annie β€œ Nessie is like a daughter to him.” George whispered back. β€œ I’m gonna kill em all!!” Yelled rock as he stomped off β€œ wait! ”I said They will kill you! We need a plan! Are you just going to walk up to their gates and say β€˜I’m here to kill you’?!” Rock stopped β€œ your right. We need a plan.” He said β€œ good thing I’m always prepared!” I said triumphantly. Annie smiled and asked β€œ so what’s the plan, Rockwell ”

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