The trails of Rockwell and George

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The trails of Rockwell and George

Chapter eight

Even with the speed of our mounts the woolies were hot on our trail. They were faster than any living human he had ever seen! As we were being chased the girl pulled a fish from a sack on the quetz platform saddle. “Can lunchtime wait until after the crisis!?” I yelled. “ they are called cod bombs! This'll slow them down!” She responded. She threw the cod bomb at one and it blew up in his face! Literally! The other remaining woolies scurried off as she pulled out more cod bombs! “ i can't believe that worked!” Said George. “They don't call me ammonite for nothing!” She responded. I gave a weird look as I said “your name is ammonite?”. “Yeah. Annie for short.”. “Let’s head home” said George. As we headed back home I asked “ so what’s your quetz’s name?” “Her name is Lady. What’s your wolf’s name?” “His name is biscuit. After my dog. That I used to have… Hey! George! What’s your paurasaur’s name?” George lit up and started going on and on about his parasaur and popeye and how he tamed it. I can always count on George to talk way too much than needed! “So in conclusion that’s how I gave him the name Jeff!” George ended. His big speech gave us enough time to make it home. When we made it the whole tribe was destroyed! The only thing still standing was a sign that said “ you kill us we kill you right back! Our tribe sends its regards”

what just happened? Why...

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