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The trails of Rockwell and george

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The trails of Rockwell and george

chapter five

By SKRONKMONSTER (decided i should have a name)

We stood across the lagoon staring at the thezo. George asked โ€œcan i have some meat?โ€ I handed him some of rockโ€™s jerky and he chucked it at the thezo. It turned around and found the meat. It was face first into the jerky when George yelled โ€œtranq it!โ€ I fumbled the first arrow but George had already landed three! He was a master! The thezo ran towards us but i shot a tranq directly in his neck and he fell unconscious! We did it! We fed it some mejoberries and it slowly started to rise! It lifted a clawโ€ฆ. and patted my head! We Tamed it! Or him because we gave him a name! PoPeye!

The last few chapters were a little boring but i promise this is where it gets good!

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