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Rockwell and George

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Rockwell and George

Chapter three

Cheif rock explained that if we can take this crippled tribe then we have crops, farmland, and ovisโ€™s for life! George decided to pop into the conversation saying โ€œ I heard that they have a Yuti there! Are you sure this is a good idea? The best tame we have is the bronyx! Well die for sure!โ€ Chief rock slamed the table and said โ€œ if your so concerned about our army then feel free to go tame something big! Can you make a carno fall?! Or a griffin?! Or even a bloody giga?!?!?!?!?!?!โ€ George replied โ€œ fine!! Iโ€™ll go tame something!!!!โ€ And he mounted his parasaur and left. I yelled โ€œGeorge! Wait! Reconsider! We canโ€™t have anyone else dying!โ€ George ignored me so I mounted my wolf and took off after him. The chase has begun.

Expect chapters 4-6 in a few days

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