The trails of Rockwell and George

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The trails of Rockwell and George

Chapter one

We have all heard legends of a team of great warriors who took down the overseer.

Elena Walker

Sir Edmund Rockwell

Mei-Yin Li

Gaius Marcellus Nerva

But they are just legends. Nobody has seen them since the battle. Apparently they went to some sort of paradise called โ€œ the genesisโ€ but thatโ€™s just what Chief says. What does he know? What does anyone know? Weโ€™re all just trapped here on this dumb island. There used to be 1000 people here. I was one of them. Just a naive boy interning at a lab. What can go wrong? Well what went wrong was that everyone at the Rockwell labs when the โ€œ accident โ€œ happened got sent here. That was two years ago but whatever. My name is John Rockwell and Iโ€™m a survivor.

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