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So, my pal flew the Argy, with myself grapple hooked below. It took maybe 15-20 min to find a Q, we patiently followed another 10-15 min as he meandered over the swamp.

Over the Redwoods, I started shooting tranq darts. I was too careful going for headshots, and torpor dropped too much before next hit. As it got dark, we lost the quetzal below us in the Redwoods. I landed one final dart as he found tree cover. Darkness immediately followed. We lost him. My friend thought maybe he went down. I was less optimistic.

Come morning, he mystically appears below us. I said β€œlet’s get some height and find him” and there he was.

Tranquing proceeded. Now he was hanging out over a river. Running out of ammo, knew he wouldn’t drop if the shots weren’t continuous - kept firing.

He fell; in the water.

We pursued, knowing it was in vain.

Got to the Q. Underwater. It HAD passed out the night before. Food was low. KIBBLE TAMED WHILE UNDERWATER !

We waited until morning

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