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Pteranodon are incredible useful and can be a really good first flyer. Here is why:

-very easy creatures to tame. You just need a bunch of raw prime fish meat ( you can collect a lot by killing sabertooth salmons with sickle and collect their meat ) and 3 tranqs ( or 1 with a X-bow ). I should recommend taking 4 raw prime fish meat and 2 narcs also for the taming.

-They take quiet fast level up after taming and can fast get to 400-500 health.

-They do quiet a lot of damages ( I managed to kill a low level Rex with a lvl 5 pteranodon and a spike ).

- They are quiet fast and even tough not the best for collect and harvesting, they are incredibly useful for exploration of the map.

-When out of energy, their stamina reloads fast.

BUT: To not loose every ptera you tame, here are some tips:

-When they are out of stamina, they will land and you can’t really control where. So make sure there are not carnivors or any aggressive dinos around when you’re low on energy, or you might die very fast ( especially Rex, Allo, Spino and of course gigas ). Since they are flyers and quiet small, you can easily land on rocks that carnivores can’t access ( and you can regain stamina safely )

-Make sure to always have some food to feed them ( as they starve quiet fast when out of food ).

-When you want to tame a dino, land with them on a rock and set them on « passive » so they will be safe waiting for you and they will not attack and kill ( or get killed by ) the dino you’re trying to tame.

-When you land, make sure they will not fall ( especially when exploring the big mountains ), bcs they will take a lot of fall damages.

You will make these mistakes, even tough you think about it, you will make them. ( I lost 10 pteras ). So I should recommend you to tame 5,6 of them to have some more if you come to die with one of them.

By the way sorry if my English is not the best, I’m Belgian.

I hope this was useful 😀

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