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Order on mobile and if you're on the island and you find lots of griffins recommend do not go around there if you don't have enough stamina or wait because I got attacked by a giga very rare for them to spawn and also I was getting attacked by a Griffin and you're pretty much dead and I actually have a brontosaurus but I don't want to kill I don't want him to die but if you want to get to level 38 here's a step I forget if you unlock the pistol at that level but he will unlock the pistol before that level or the rifle then shoot rg's you get lots of XP for killing them and if you want to do not want to level seven level four way I'd recommend level 148 even though it's going to take a lot what I do is just doing the normal thing but I sometimes use train darts and that's a very very long time do you unlock them but as soon as you get there around like level 61 do not get anything for level 61 but if you're a person that wants to go around the map and find millions of explorer notes I recommend it when you get to level 58 get the assault rifle and if you still have enough if you don't have the fabricated pistol I get it and I like mobile but I like PC because there's a new map called ascended best graphics ever is a good tip btw step one do not go anywhere close to areas that Griffin's live until you actually have animals that will protect you from a griffin and most important if you're going to kill Griffins I recommend having a T-Rex AKA no one wants to wait that long or Mammoth which if you go to the redwoods and you take a right and there's just like middle area you'll see snow step 4 as soon as you have like I would say an RG is good but when you're like have like lots of pets that could protect you little raft and put wooden things to make it longer and then transfer your animals not so close to the swamp so then if you want to farm for eggs and stuff from titanoboas retain the swamp creatures but I recommend killing a griffin using the is a rifle and the protect you metal shield and flack armor

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