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I just discovered my new favorite sport.

Step 1: Tame a pteranodon

Step 2: Pump all levels into movement speed

Step 3: Craft crossbow and grappling hooks

Step 4: Grapple to pteranodon

Step 5: Whistle β€œattack target” at anything

Step 6: Pull out pike and start jabbing at the air

Enjoy the ride as you are whipped in all directions, and occasionally hit your target!

Tip: Watch your health! This activity may result in being smashed to the ground several times!

(For sky-high, vertigo-inducing fun, whistle to attack a Dimorphodon or another PT! Enjoy the view as you spiral upwards!)

⚠️ This activity may cause injury, dizziness, vertigo, whiplash, digestive problems, serious brain damage, or death! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Have fun!

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