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Not recommended against gigas. The spyglass barrel roll strategy (more info in the popular tips that were a great help to me btw) works well but with one fatal flaw: It's a TWO-WAY damage amplifier. Meaning the giga's attack, If it lands on you, deals much more damage than normal as well. Meaning one hit on a 1500 health ptera with journeyman saddle left my ptera with less than 500 health. So, yeah. Too much risk involved. Good for rexes and maybe alphas but not gigas. I would advise combing the allos strategy with the ptera roll. Let the allos bleed the gigs down first before going for the kill with the ptera. Also compensates for the annoying fact that if the giga dies to allo bleeding it might not give xp. Needs testing but i think it'll work.

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