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These guys are extremely underated in combat.Just make dodo kibble(mobile) or feed them prime meat. Pick high levels one and breed them. I have my terrorist level 460 Pteranodon Imprinted 100%(I'm playing on hard mode mobile).If you do the flip thing it will deal 1K2 damage and you could take on any dino on Ark since the Attack is so fast as it move so you will never take any damage when played right.

Combine that with the spyglass bug on mobile will have you unbeatable. Just do the barrel roll attack and use spyglass in the middle of that. The damage could be multiply by 20+ times if you got a really good snap point to roll. Just abuse it and kill like 4 tΓ­tan and Giga every time they spawned then you will find yourself +40 levels in just a week

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