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Ok so, I was up on top of the rock where you can find the giga dossier (near the redwoods) and I was setting up a small base there because it had tons of metal. So I then harvested a metal node and it completely encumbered me so I couldn't jump. But I had to get up a small ledge though and I cant. So I whistled for my dumbass pteranodon named Avion to come to me so I can mount him to fly up, and guess what. He walks off the edge. So my dumbass decided to go after him. I tried to mount him and I failed miserably. I then fall all the way down and died. I respwawn to go and get my trash lower-level bird at my other base and I gotta fly my sorry ass back to the redwoods, because since I'm a dumbass I forgot to put a sleeping bag over there. However once I get back all my stuff is despawned and I gotta start all over. SCREW YOU AVION. (Still kinda my fault but hey, I'm not the one that told him to walk off the edge like a complete retard.

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