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The first time i knocked out a parasaur:

Me: Yay now I will make it a saddle

Me:*crafts saddle*

Pegomastax:hey what a beautiful saddle, are you going to out it at your parasaur when its tames?

Me:yes, why

Pegomastax:*roobs saddle*

Me:hey you!

Itchyornis:*roobs narcoberries*

Me:well I can let his torpor go on by puching it

Dilo army:Look a player with a unconcious parasaur!

Dilo army:*kill parasaur*

Me:nooooooooo :( *runs away*

Raptor:oh nello there!

Raptor:*jumps on me*

Respawn screen:hello :P

Legends says that after thousands of years I tamed a parasaur (Then a player on a wywern killed me)

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