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My first ever tame was a parasaur that I named Squishnose. I stood by him through famine, caves, and even giga attacks, and he did the same for me. I don’t know how I kept him alive so long but I did. Eventually, after soloing the first boss (which took over a year) I decided to leave the island for aberration, and I transferred him over with me. Then I went to Ragnarok. Then, it happened. We were exploring, just me, him, and a level 10 ptera named Berryraptor, when we were attacked by an alpha Rex. We just barely managed to escape, and o was setting up a camp for us to recuperate, when a dilo. A FREAKING DILO, snuck up and killed him. To this day, I refuse to let a dilo live, and in every map I visit I build a memorial to Squishnose the Mighty.

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