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I currently have a parasaur in my base. Her name is Edge, and she’s one of my highest level mounts, thanks to her growing old with me as she watched with happiness, getting new friends to tell stories to and have fun with, and she always made sure the base was safe with her other companions whenever I left with my green tapejara, Illuminati, or on my blackish-brown argy, Moth. She’s a beautiful blood-red with a black top, and last but not least a beautiful white “skull-mask”. Her looks may live up to her name, but her personality doesn’t. She has a good tiger-orange iguanodon friend (whom is also decently old, but still young), and her name was Hook. They often stand next to each other to converse about how their days were, or to help watch over base whenever I left. Usually she would also chat with my dodos, PAINt ‘n Eggo- or with the dilo couple, Nightspit and Blindshot, since they also shared old memories of when I was just a beginner runnin’ ‘round the beach. I love ya, Edge. -DNA

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