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I remember my first parasoar. His name was PerrySoar. He was my first ever tame besides a dodo bird.I tamed him on Herbivore Island. I brought him back to my base on my raft and showed him to my friend. Perry and me made a great team.We gathered berries,killed dodo birds,and ran away from raptors.Then I got better tames,and Perry was left behind.Another day, I found a tek Parasoar, and named him Lazer Perry.It was like Perry,but a robot version of him!One day,my friend and I wanted to explore the right side of our base(we had never been there before).So we took a few tames with us, including Perry. My friend saw a Dino he wanted to tame,I forgot which kind,so we stopped to tame it. Coincidentally,there was a bronto in the way, and we shot it by accident. That’s when things started going downhill. Me and my friend died trying to run with our dinos,and Perry died.But Perry still lives on.Every Parasoar after Perry,we named after him.There is GlowyPerry,PinkPerry,LazerPerry, and Perry Jr.

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