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VERY HARD TO TAME!!! You need like an element taming pen for it and a tek cannon (whatever)!!! You need to headshot it 57,000 times, then you need to feed it 3 amarberries!!! The fact that amarberries are found only in bushes makes it extremely hard to tame!!! And that is only for a level 1 parasaur!!! They have a base DPS of 500 and they can swim!!! The para roar ability can reverse the Yutty’s roar effect!!! also has the ability to use echolocation, very useful for PvP!!! These critters are also very useful in late game you can harvest 10+ berries in 1 hour!!! Tame these things!!! I know it is very hard, but I swear, YOU CAN FIGHT 3 WILD GIGAS WITH A LEVEL 25 PARASAUR HEAD-ON!!! Dang!!! I saw 3 wild gigas roaming about and I used the parasaur’s “smash” ability. Dang it did so much damage, so much damage in fact that it not only damaged the gigas, but it also killed the parasaur. I miss my old parasaur who died its name was “parashit”. One upvote, parashit kills a Rockwell!!1!!11!!1!!

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