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This is the best 1st tame you can get so you can get a walkthrough just like all the others!

1. Find a parasaur

2. Bola the parasaur

3 If it’s a high level beat it with a wooden club if not use your fists if you don’t wanna make a club

4. put berries in inventory (mejos recommended for lvl boost)

5. feed it narcoberries occasionally if needed

6. you have your parasaur, name it. (go to name tips if wanted)

7. kill some dino’s with it for hide (recommended: dilo, moschops, dodo, other parasaurs, and turtles if high lvl.)

8. craft your saddle with the materials you wish you had more of and have fun!

I hope you enjoyed my version of a walkthrough and i don’t think anyone will use this let alone read it😭

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