The fist way to tame it, (if you don't have a slingshot or tranq arrows),

1st step (items and place): you need at least 2 wooden clubs, and tame the para close to a lot of rocks or trees.

2nd step (knock out and food): when in front of th para you want to tame it, and spam hour club at him, when he run, go after him until (if you get lucky) he get stuck on trees or rocks, go spam your club at him until he get unconscious( if you didn't get lucky, go try again and try to orient where the obstacles are the most)

3rd step (taming): when your para is unconscious, feed him kibble or mejoberries, if you can't make kibble, just use mejoberries or any berrie.

The parasaur is useful to get more berries, thatch, and rockarrot.

My para called pore favore, but he dead now, one like = one love for pore favore

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