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The Paracer is great in Scorched Earth, it works as a mobile base, mining rig, or a transport Dino. If using as a mobile base use a few destructible pillars and ceilings to lay foundation slightly below the platform so you can build a structure on the back that will keep you insulated while riding. If using as a mining rig you can place a ramp for your Anky or have a mantis run along with it, if the Paracer gets over weight just use a whip on it and it will move. If you're using as transport I recommend around 140% movement speed and about 2k stam, you'll be able to get anywhere very quickly. Oh and don't forget, if there's a large drop off in your way, you can run off with the Paracer and dismount in air, wait till it hits the ground and remount, you will take no fall damage.

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