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tapejaras are GREAT for taming anything in the redwoods: allos, rexes, paracers, carnos, etc. just grab a longneck & tranq darts/shocking tranq darts (or tranq arrows if thatโ€™s your thing) and aggro the dino youโ€™re taming. fly onto the nearest tree and land. fire tranqs down onto their head & youโ€™ve got an easy KO. pro tip for anyone using godmode: pop some narcotics into whatever youโ€™re taming, set the speed at 25% so the torpor drains super slow & spam the level up target button until their food is less than halfway depleted (it drains super fast when leveling up). just keep an eye on their torpor. you may have to pop a few more narcotics into them every 80 lvls or so, but if you give them 20 narcotics off the bat along with 25% speed, itโ€™ll take a while for all 20 to be applied! iโ€™ve tamed 600-700 lvl creatures with this starve tame method and they only need 1-2 kibbles most of the time. happy taming :D

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