I have 3 of these guys. My first one is a lvl 22 female named Snow because she is an albino-colored (white) Paraceratherium with a stripe of gray skin going down her neck and back. The second one is a lvl 20 male named Rusty, who gets his name for his unique appearance, with a shade of brown/orangish coloring down his neck and back with the rest of his skin (excluding the belly and chest and tiny misc areas) being gray, giving the appearance of rusted metal. He gives Snow and another Paraceratherium company, of whom is a lvl 23 female by the name of Alice (off-yellow coloring, but is otherwise the same appearance as Snow). They love each other and will defend each other and any other creatures I have that they know should any predator dare threaten them. Hopefully this motivates you to tame one. (Stock up on narcotic arrows first though or you’ll have a bad time). Alright, thanks for reading.

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