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If you’re going to tame one of these, go for a high level. Make sure it has good melee and health, as well as decent stamina. If you’re using it to knock things out, only use the charge attack. With high melee, you can knock out high level trikes with ease. I’d recommend only trying this on trapped creatures though.Try to get whatever you’re trying to tame into a pen or have a monkey on your shoulder to slow the tame down so it can’t fight back very well. Trust me, Pachys are pretty slow. You’re gonna need whatever creature you’re trying to tame to be slowed or trapped in some way in order to be successful. I’m still testing mine out, but so far, my pachy can knock out high level trikes in just a few charge attacks. Depending on your situation, a pachy can be much better than a crossbow with tranqs, but it’s only worth it if you get a high level.

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