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To tame an Otter, simply interact with it (default "E" on PC) while dragging any kind of fish. Sabertooh Salmon is the best, Coel is the worst. Fish size matters more than type, so Megapiranhas are often worse than large Coels. When dragging large fish, chances are high that it will obstruct the vision while standing still; Just walk/swimm to the Otter and feed it before coming to a stop in order to keep the fish carcass behind you.

Quite common on Aberration, Otters spawn at large numbers from where the Fertile River delta splits in two (not going to the Fertile Lake) until its fall to the Luminous Marshlands. It's also worth note that the northern section has neither large predators nor Megapiranhas and Mantas on most of its lenght.

No other map has such a noteworthy spawn, but they can be found on most Redwood Forest lakes except for The Center, where it is unadvised to look for them.

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