Project extinction

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Project extinction

Chapter three

By skronkmonster

The nameless were closing in. We were crazily outnumbered and Brad was asleep. โ€œ what do we do?โ€ George asked. โ€œ we fightโ€ Helena said as she morphed into her wyvern form. Our army was ready! We had 50 archers 20 people on wolves 50 swordsmen a giga 4 magmanars 5 mammoths and lots of more people. When our frontlines met all hell broke loose! Our flight tames were swooping down from above our giga was wrestling a corrupted reaper and the archers were sniping nameless off their mounts! I was with Annie and George on the back of our Wolves attacking nameless footmen. Suddenly we were faced with a corrupted trike! It blew us away with its incredible power and we were on foot with all three of our wolves wounded with one hit! โ€œ shnauzer!!โ€ I yelled but now we were faced with a trike.

Oh no!

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