Project extinction

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Project extinction

Chapter two

By skronkmonster

“Faster!” Wyvern Helena said. Helena is one of the pawādo users teaching me and my friends. She can turn into a wyvern. We were sprinting around the AEL base. The AEL’s territory is the entire snow dome. We call it the snow dome because its a small abandoned ark just sitting on one of earth's two ark launch sites. Anyways we were all running hard for training but suddenly bean teleports in front of us! “ Hi guys! No time for training the snow dome is under attack! 1000 nameless and 50 corrupted beasts!” He teleported us to one of the snow domes frontlines and he was right! Imagine 100 little humanoid monsters riding creatures made of element. It was bad! Each one was armed with a gun! The ael was 370 men and women strong but only 270 soldiers! And these are just regular people! Only a few pawādo users!

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