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Best starting dino to tame. Why?

1. You can tame it easily even on your first day.

(You can just look for another Moschop if you don't have the taming food it wants)

2. You can ride it without a saddle.

3. You can use it to gather berries especially Narco Berries for future tames.

4. Good at gathering fibers. You don't need to waste skill points and materials for a sickle.

5. It can also gather thatch and minimal wood.

6. It has specialty skill point stat for bonus gathering % like prime meats, etc.

7. Decent weight, health, stamina and damage.

8. Good for killing Dodos, Dilos and Turtles for their meats and hides.

9. Poop generator for your starter plots.

Imagine having all those on Day 1.


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