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This is for a another moschop thing for y’all voooting my poem

———————The Pea Brain Moschop—————-

There once was a moschop

Named grape

She had a pork chop

After she saw an ape

The ape was a monke

Yet she was very flunky

And had a small brain

The size of a grape

She ran to a plain

And saw a Great Lake

And thought that it was Enduro stew

And thought too, had some dodo in it too,

But when she dipped in

She got lapped up

By a little wolf pup

And was chewed too

With indeed, Enduro stew

By Steel Cookie 123

P.L.S ^doot this if u want to see wat happened to the moschop from the first poem [I’ll make the next poem from the moschop in the first poem if this one hits 25 doots.]

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